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Sun / Amcos CD-8182 
US$12.95 or CDN$14.95
Hillbilly Fillies and Rockin' Chicks

1. Ten Cats Down – The Miller Sisters
2. Welcome To The Club - Jean Chapel
3. I Need A Man – Barbara Pittman
4. I Wanna Rock – Patsy Holcomb
5. I Won’t Be Rockin’ Tonight – Jean Chapel
6. You Can’t Break The Chains Of Love – The Miller Sisters
7. Sentimental Fool – Barbara Pittman
8. Ain’t Got A Worry – Wanda Ballman
9. Heartbreak Girl – Wanda Ballman
10. Ooh That’s Good – Patsy Holcomb
11. I’ll Wait Forever – Anita Wood
12. I Can’t Show How I Fell – Anita Wood
13. Red Velvet – The Kirby Sisters
14. Craziest Feeling – The Kirby Sisters
15. Two Young Fools In Love – Barbara Pitman
16. Memories Of You – Magel Priesman
17. Rock ‘N’ Roll Cinnamon Tree – Maggie Sue Wimberly
18. Jumpin’ Jack – Cliff & Barbara Thomas
19. Everlasting Love – Barbara Pittman
20. Voice Of A Fool – Barbara Pittman
21. Just One Day – Barbara Pittman
22. No Matter Who’s To Blame – Barbara Pittman
23. Call Me Anything But Call Me - Maggie Sue Wimberly
24. Someday You Will Pay - The Miller Sisters
25. There's No Right Way To Do Me Wrong - The Miller Sisters
26. Love Is a Stranger - The Sunrays
27. Got You On My Mind - The Miller Sisters
28. I Know I Can't Forget You But I'll Try - The Miller Sisters
29. You Can Tell Me - The Miller Sisters
30. How Long Can It Be - Maggie Sue Wimberly

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