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Park 552 CD 
US$13.95 or CDN$16.95
The Tymes - So Much in Love

All the following titles are the original recordings

1. So Much In Love, 
2. Let's Fall In Love Tonight (True Stereo)
3. Chances Are (True Stereo)
4. The Magic of Our Summer Love, 
5. Blue Velvet (True Stereo)
6. The Way You Look Tonight (True Stereo)
7. You Ask Me to be Yours, 
8.Come With Me to the Sea, 
9. Till the End of Time (True Stereo)
10. One Little Kiss  (True Stereo) 
11. Hello Young Lovers (True Stereo)
12. Let's Make Some Love Tonight, 
13. Somewhere, 
14. The Twelfth of Never, 
15. Moonlight Cocktails (True Stereo)
16. Why Should I Cry (True Stereo)
17. Stranger In Paradise (True Stereo)
18. There Is Love (True Stereo)
19. Wonderful Wonderful,
20. My Summer Love, 
21. Isle of Love, 
22. And that Reminds Me (True Stereo)
23. Anymore (True Stereo)
24. Night (True Stereo)
25. Summer Day, 
26. Address Unknown (True Stereo)
27. The Lamp Is Low (True Stereo)
28. Alone, 
29. Sleep Tight My Darling (True Stereo)
30. Goodnight My Love

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