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Note CD-10012 
US$13.95 or CDN$16.95
The Schoolboys & the Students - Back to Doo Wop School

By the Schoolboys
1. Please Say You Want Me
2. Shirley
3. Angel Of Love
4. Carol
5. I Am Old Enough
6. Mary
7. Ding A Ling Coo Coo Mop
8. Pearl
9. The Slide

By the Students
10. I'm So Young
11. Everyday Of The Week
12. My Vow To You
13. That's How I Feel
14. Mommy And Daddy
15. My Heart Is An Open Door
16. Mary
17. Mommy And Daddy (outtake)
18. My Heart Is An Open Door (outtake)
19. Bye Bye Truly

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