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Marginal CD-046 
US$13.95 or CDN$16.95
Little Peggy March - I Will Follow Him

Includes 32 of her best recordings

1. I Will Follow Him
2. The Impossible Happened
3. Every Little Move You Make
4. Losiní My Touch
5. Only You Could Do That To My Heart
6. Watch What You Do With My Baby
7. Kilindini Docks
8. Hello Heartache, Goodbye Love
9. I Wish I Were A Princess
10. Heaven For Lovers
11. Boy Crazy
12. Johnny Cool
13. Canít Stop Thinkiní About Him
14. Iíll Never Forget Last Night
15. You Make Me Laugh
16. He Couldnít Care Less
17. Let Her Go
18. Oh Oh, Iím Falling In Love Again
19. Dream World
20. Teasin
21. John John
22. Wind Up Doll
23. Oh My, What A Guy
24. Catchiní Up Fast
25. Weíre In Fashion
26. Souris
27. Little Me
28. Heís Back Again
29. Tears On My Pillow
30. Memories Of Tokyo
31. January First
32. Have A Good Time

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