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Crystal Ball CD-1073 
US$13.95 or CDN$16.95
Al Kasha Volume 1 - He Was a Magician

1. Why Am I Crying - Alfy Weatherby (actually Al Kasha)
2. Forty Nine Juke Boxes - Alfy Weatherby (actually Al Kasha)
3. Teardrops Aer Falling - Al Kasha
4. No Matter Where You Are - Al Kasha
5. No Matter What I Do - Billy Casher (actually Al Kasha)
6. Jay Walking - The Fugue Four (Al & Joel)
7. One More River To Cross - Al Kasha
8. You Better Believe It - Al Kasha
9. Whatís In A Name - Rodney Dangerfield
10. Whatís So Sweet About Sweet 16 - Jeannie Thomas
11. My Empty Arms - Jackie Wilson
12. I Gotta Do The Latest Dance - Gene Montgomery
13. Look Again - The Brooklyn Bridge
14. Ten Below - Chris & Peter Allen
15. No One Can Take Your Place - The Lexingtons (early Camelots)
16. Moving Day - Buzz Clifford
17. Army Green - Dale Brooks
18. Thereís Nothing You Can Do About That - The Russell Brothers
19. The Wheel Turns - Al Kasha
20. School Of Love - Al Kasha
21. Iíll Never Let You See Me Cry - Al Kasha
22. Here Comes The Heartache - Mary Miller
23. Donít Come Crying To Me - Roy Hamilton
24. Gegetta - James Darren
25. Good Boy Gone Bad - Carole Quinn
26. Lonely Summer - The Four Tops
27. Iíll Step Aside - Jimmy Clanton
28. Please Keep Me In Mind - Tobin Matthews
29. The Madisonís Back In Town - Billy Dawn
30. Letís Start All Over Again - Ronnie Dove

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