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GR CD-002 
US$13.95 or CDN$16.95
The Grass Roots - 2 LPs on 1 CD Volume 2

Move Along LP
1. The Runway
2. Monday Love
3. Anyway the Wind Blows
4. Runniní Just to Get Her Home Again
5. Two Divided by Love
6. Someone to Love
7. Face the Music
8. Move Along
9. One Word
10. Only One
11. Glory Bound

Alotta Mileage LP
12. Where Thereís Smoke, Thereís Fire
13. Pick Up Your Feet
14. Youíve Got to Bend With the Breeze
15. Just a Little Tear
16. Ainít No Way to Go Home
17. Claudia
18. Love is What You Make It
19. Look But Donít Touch
20. Ballad of Billy Joe
21. We Almost Made It Together
22. Little Bit of Love

Bonus Track
23. Medley, Iíd Wait a Million Years, Midnight Confessions, Letís Live For Today, Temtation Eyes (4:16)

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