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Classic Radio CDR-001 
US$12.95 or CDN$14.95
Classic Radio Commercials - 65 Tracks

1. 24 Super Hits Record Offer
2. Salada Iced Tea “Guy In Your Radio #1”
3. Winston Cigarettes #1
4. 1966 Dodge “Rebellion”
5. Hills Brothers Coffee “Open A Can”
6. Black Label Beer “Martender-Mabel”
7. “Easy Rider” Movie Spot
8. Epilepsy Psa – Keeley Smith
9. 1962 Ford Fairlane 500 “Eileen Rodgers”
10. Speedway 79 Gasoline “Mr. Mileage”
11. Cbs Fall 1965 “Green Acres”
12. Schlitz Beer “Border To Border”
13. Coty X-24 Lipstick
14. Salada Iced Tea “Guy In Your Radio #2”
15. Carleton Cigarettes “Ping”
16. American Airlines “New York City”
17. “Ghost In The Invisible Bikini” Movie Spot
18. Coca Cola “What We Did Last Night”
19. Radio Free Europe Psa – Frank Sinatra
20. Standard Gasoline “Station Sounds”
21. Cbs Fall 1965 “Beverly Hillbillies”
22. Piels Beer “Brewed For Men”
23. “The Trip” Movie Spot
24. American Airlines Spot
25. Salaca Iced Tea “Guy In The Radio #3”
26. Culligan “Wake Up”
27. American Dairy Association “The Milk Song”
28. Kinney Shoes “Flings”
29. Community Chevrolet “World’s Largest”
30. Winston Cigarettes #2
31. Strohs Beer “Fire Brewed”
32. Cbs Fall 1965 “Thursday Night Movie”
33. Schlitz Beer “Bank Vault”
34. Shell Gasoline “Cars Love Shell”
35. 7up “Pick A Party”
36. Winston Cigarettes #3
37. Ford 1964 Clearance “Move ‘Em Out”
38. Diet Pepsi “Double Take
39. Radio Free Europe Psa – Jerry Lewis
40. Standard Gasoline “Boom! Pow”
41. Pepsi Cola “The Ides Of March”
42. L&M Cigarettes “Live Modern”
43. Mobilgas “The Sign Of The Flying Red Horse”
44. A&W Root Beer
45. “Born Losers” Movie Spot
46. Atlas Tires “Fifth Mile Free”
47. Schlitz Beer “Clap Hands”
48. Cbs Fall 1965 “Perry Mason”
49. Winston Cigarettes #4
50. Marathon Gasoline “Instant Money Game”
51. Blatz Beer “Smile, You’ve Got A Blatz Beer Comin”
52. Kowalski Meats
53. 1968 Oldsmobile Delmont 88
54. Schlitz “Real Joy Of Good Living”
55. At&T “Miles
56. Culligan “What Is Hard Water?”
57. “Hills Brothers Instant Coffee”
58. Salada Iced Tea “Guy In The Radio #4”
59. Triple A Auto Club
60. Awake Breakfast Drink “San Francisco Cable Cars”
61. Buternut Bread “Cheerleaders”
62. Carlton Cigarettes “Ping #2”
63. Michigan Milk Producers “Instead”
64. 7-11 “Folks Who Slurp”
65. “Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls” Movie Spot Collection 

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