Feedback Received From Customers
on our Products and Services

Every business likes to receive unsolicited compliments for a job well done.
Here's some we've received recently. Thanks to those of you that took the extra time to write them.

Neil Patte


A customer with email address 'NEAL58@YAHOO.COM' has just updated the following message about 'CONRECS' in the 'Feedback' section in GEMM.

Continental Records Overall Rating:  Excellent / April 2004

I will keep the CD since there are a few tracks on it that I did not own
previously, besides, I fully support your site as a whole, having been a
customer back in the late '90's purchasing many items I could not find
anywhere else on earth. Not only is your selection incredible for the
extreme collector, but even your links are outstanding. So although I was
disappointed, after all is said and done, I still have great faith in the
work and service that you provide.


Stan Knefel / Reisterstown MD / April 2004


A customer with email address 'HOWKNNTH@AOL.COM' has just updated the following message about 'CONRECS' in the 'Feedback' section in GEMM.

Pop instrumentals & Lou Christie, Very pleased with the service.

Continental Records Overall Rating:  Excellent / March 2004

Just to let you know that the above item arrived safely. Thank you. 

Anthony Carey / Leicester England / March 2004

Hi Neil,
Are you kidding? NO WAY!
I'm KEEPING this CD, it's great!
Thanx so much for sending it!
At first, I WAS annoyed that you took it upon yourself to substitute this
one for the one I ordered, but after I investigated further, I was compelled
to open the disc and see if it was true that you had the original 96 Tears
NOT taken from a vinyl LP.
The disc you sent was made in Germany and it sounds terrific.

Now onto the Senator Bobby recording of "Wild Thing," which is how this
whole thing started.
You seem to have it on two separate titles, a "Liberty Bell" title below,
and perhaps another that may or may not be available.
Can you recommend which title I should purchase for that song, and how much
it will cost now that I'm a returning customer?

Anthony Gargiulo / New York NY / March 2004

My CD arrived and everything is great! Love the CD, these songs are so hard to find. Thank you so much!

Linda M. Goppert / Georgetown CA / March 2004


A customer with email address 'OKJOHN59@ADELPHIA.NET' has just updated the following message about 'CONRECS' in the 'Feedback' section in GEMM.

Highly Recommend to others! Great service--hard to find CD!

Continental Records Overall Rating:  Excellent / March 2004


A customer with email address 'TOBIN@MSE.BIGLOBE.NE.JP' has just updated the following message about 'CONRECS' in the 'Feedback' section in GEMM.

Excellent Service!

Continental Records Overall Rating:  Excellent / February 2004


I received the copy of "Joy to the World" today.  Thanks for such quick service.  My wife, Joy, is celebrating her 45th birthday this weekend.  We try to give each other unusual and thoughful gifts each year.  I thought a "45" on her 45th would be perfect.  And I thought the title "Joy to the World" was perfect for her.  Thanks for helping me out on this! Sincerely

Ray Perren / Temple GA / February 2004


A customer with email address 'J.TORQUAY@BTOPENWORLD.COM' has just updated the following message about 'CONRECS' in the 'Feedback' section in GEMM.


Continental Records Overall Rating:  Excellent / February 2004


A customer with email address 'VISVALLEY@EARTHLINK.NET' has just updated the following message about 'CONRECS' in the 'Feedback' section in GEMM.

Quite pleased with this transaction; communication was great and items arrived quicker than expected! A++

Continental Records Overall Rating:  Excellent / February 2004


A customer with email address 'CASPER19007@YAHOO.COM' has just updated the following message about 'CONRECS' in the 'Feedback' section in GEMM.

I am very happy with this CD. I got my CD today. It is just what I have been looking for. And the fact that it had to come a long way, it still did not take all that long to get here and I paid the least in shipping. I am very happy. Thank you.

Continental Records Overall Rating:  Excellent / January 2004

My records were in great shape,actually one was an original press with  label error listing same song on both sides.

oh  yes something else,too bad you didn`t have clips of some of the songs,  that would be cool.

Take care

Stephen MacLeod / Sydney NS / January 2004


Both cd's have arrived, and I'm very pleased to have them. 

Do you have the following album available on cd?: 

"1837 Seconds of Humor" by Ray Stevens 

My best, 

Lee Rand / Lincoln ME / January 2004

Neil Patte:

Just a quick note to let you know everything arrived in good condition.

Thanks again

John Pinson / Griffin GA / January 2004


A customer with email address 'MARIAQUINTANILLA@EARTHLINK.NET' has just updated the following message about 'CONRECS' in the 'Feedback' section in GEMM.

Mail delivery of item (at Christmas rush period) was slow but the CD itself is very hard to find so I'm pleased with the product. Seller was very responsive to my delivery concerns.

Continental Records Overall Rating:  Good / January 2004

Hi Neil,

I received the CD on Wednesday, 7th January, 2004

That's 10 days from when you shipped .... excellent service.

It's a fantastic CD

Kind regards

John R Paul / Brighton East Australia / January 2004

Mr. Patte,   I received my Teddy Randazzo CD.  I thank you very much, Sir. 

Cordelia Tormaka / Pleasant Valley NY / December 2003

Hello  Neil

Just a quick note to let you know that my parcel arrived on Saturday, 27th December.

Couldn't believe my eyes when my mum bought the parcel in from the mailbox so needless to say you have one very very happy customer at the bottom of the

Receiving these was just great and so far am cruising through the music and thoroughly wrapped with the cd's.

To think that I could have had these ages ago, instead of constantly looking in the "for sales" and the used record shops for anything that they had put out.

Customs hadn't even opened them so perhaps they got pushed through with all the Christmas mail coming in.

I will keep watching the web to see what is on offer and again, cannot thank you adequately for the superb service and the pleasure that I now
have from the music.

My best wishes for the New Year, take care, 

Chris Baran / Petone New Zealand / December 2003

Dear Mr. Patte,

I recieved my order before Christmas, our E-Mails crossed paths. The Chubby Checker Vol2. CD is super, I'm 100% satisfied! I visit you site about everyday, but
our computer freezes up when I try to click on the Chubby Checker Vol.'s
I need the U S price for Vol. 1 & 3, and do you have the "It's Ponytime cd,also Chubby  Checkers Early Hits,price and I can't locate the Dance Party
anywhere.Thank you for listening for my musical demands.

 Roger H. Zimmermann / Albany MN / December 2003

Hi Neil,

Thanks for the reply.   I've actually  received all but the Annette CD at this point, so I'm not as concerned as I was.  I figure that one's on the way too, so if it doesn't show up in the next few days I'll let you know.

I'm really happy I ran across your website.  You've got a lot of recordings I've been looking for for a long time!

Thanks again and Happy Holidays,

Tom Maver / Arlington Heights IL / December 2003

Hi Neil
Just letting you know that I  have received my records.  Thank you for 
helping me make a special Christmas for the man that is so important in my 
Again than you so much

Diana Sugg / Bethalto IL / December 2003

Hey Neil, just read your comments page on your site - and I'm pleased Australians have found you - now they should try and see if the signal is strong enough to
get Hawkesbury Radio 89.9FM at Windsor NSW.

Seriously Neil, your home page is mucho impressive, you have done some hard yards and it has paid off. I'm glad I shop with you for that odd song I can't get
anywhere else to play on radio.

Thanks for being a friend

Yvonne Bartle / Pitt Town Australia / December 2003

Hi Neil

Thank you so much for your help in ordering the cd's.

I overlooked wishing you all  a peaceful and happy Christmas and my hope that the coming year will bring you good health and success.

Looking forward to the arrival of my order and also to watching your website in future. Regards, 

Chris Baran / Petone New Zealand / December 2003

Dear Sir

I thought that I would just E Mail you and confirm that my order, which is my first with your company, has safely arrived in the United Kingdom and is now complete.

I would just like to thank you for the very professional way in which you dealt with my order and I will most certainly be ordering more CDs from you in the future.  I would also have no hesitation in recommending you to my friends.

Thanks again.

John Francis / Shefford England / December 2003

Thank you very, very much!  Appreciate your help!

Dianne Rainey / Woodlands TX / December 2003

Hi Neil,

Thanks for my 45s, which I received a couple of days ago - great fast service, quicker than our UK mail!

I got two of them OK, but 'Paradise By The Dashboard Lights' was missing.  I assume this wasn't in stock which is why it wasn't sent.  Any idea when you might have it in again?


 Claire McPartin / Waddesdon England / November 2003


A customer with email address 'TESS.BARLOW@TTU.EDU' has just updated the following message about 'CONRECS' in the 'Feedback' section in GEMM.

Reliable Company. The company is very reliable and my order came on time.

Continental Records Overall Rating:  Excellent / November 2003

I read further for your shipping charges. I mailed my order off Nov.21,03 including the correct charges. I find myself very fortunate to have your site.

Roger H. Zimmermann / Albany MN / November 2003

Many thanks, Neil, for the response and for the replacement.  Another order
coming your way in a few days.

Have a good day.

Chuck Lynch / Portland OR / November 2003


Just wanted to let you know I received everything today. Thank you for replacing that Andy Williams record for me. This one's a lot better. Not only is it a better pressing, but the new one, a Canadian pressing, is stereo, where the first one you sent, an American copy, was mono. I prefer stereo wherever possible, so if you have both mono & stereo copies of 45 titles I ask about, please send the stereo if you can. By the way, if you've never heard it, check out the stereo 45 of The James Bond Theme by Billy Strange, which I received from you in my order before this. Superb stereo, superb sound overall. I was quite impressed with that one. Haven't had a chance to hear the CD's completely yet, but I know what I'll be doing when I get home from work tonight. I'm sure I'll love them. Take care and I'm sure you'll hear from me soon asking for more goodies. 

Paul Madrid / Arleta CA / November 2003


Received today in good order.

Many thanks,

Alan Palmer / Sydney Australia / November 2003

Thank you sooo much!!! I really appreciate you taking the time to reply.
This information is very useful indeed.


Eve Drobot / Toronto ON / October 2003

Hey Neil, just playing the Teresa Brewer CD - boy oh boy am I glad I bought it. Thank you for having it, it's fantastic! The songs (most of them) come back to me,
I'm going to play 2 on my show tomorrow.
Glad you there. Cheers

Yvonne Bartle / Pitt Town Australia / October 2003


A customer with email address 'WORKMATES@SYMPATICO.CA' has just placed the following message about 'CONRECS' in the 'Feedback' section in GEMM.

Bought on Monday.  Received on Thursday.  Excellent job!!! 100% satisfied...  No complaints.

Continental Records Overall Rating:  Excellent / October 2003


A customer with email address 'RT4MAN3@COMCAST.NET' has just updated the following message about 'CONRECS' in the 'Feedback' section in GEMM.

Continental Records Overall Rating:  Excellent / October 2003


A customer with email address 'JCKOGEL@KC.RR.COM' has just updated the following message about 'CONRECS' in the 'Feedback' section in GEMM.

Quick shipment and the CD is great.  Thanks.

Continental Records Overall Rating:  Excellent / September 2003


A customer with email address 'EBRUER@COMCAST.NET' has just updated the following message about 'CONRECS' in the 'Feedback' section in GEMM.

The U.S. & Canadian mails were slow but the merchandise was excellent.

Continental Records Overall Rating:  Excellent  / August 2003

I  picked up the parcel this afternoon -THANKS!

Mike McCann / Bainbridge Island WA / August 2003

Hi, I'm Don Robinson and I recently ordered 5 CDs from you. I want to let you know that both orders (Invoice #11130 and #11176) arrived safe and sound. Once
again, I'm very happy with your merchandise. I expect you will be hearing from me again,  sometime soon. Thanks, Don. 

Don Robinson / Brooklyn NY / August 2004

Dear Mr Neil Patte,

Received the Steve Lawrence CD  today. Thanks.


K.Tulasidas / August 2003


I just got my first two of the four CDs I ordered.  I have been looking for a song since I was 14 (I'm 52 now) and I finally got it. Thank you for having such an unusual collection.  I will be ordering regularly.

Bob Sponaugle / August 2003

To Whom It May Concern,

I received my order and the records are great !  I still can't believe you had Harry the Hairy Ape !  It totally amazes me !  LOL !

Just one thing though...One Fine Morning sounds like the record wasn't pressed properly...would I be able to send it back to you and get another ???  Please let me know either way, OK?

Thanks for your time and attention to this matter and have a good day.


Valerie Barile / Staten Island NY  / August 2003


I am a collector of oldie's. Mostly hard to find Doo-Wop. I have found only three song's by Rochell & the Candles. Do you happen to know how many song's they did? I'd like to know if they had an album. If you have any
idea where I could locate there music I would greatly appreciate it. Or if you ever find a CD of there's I would be greatly interested in purchasing it. Thank you . I enjoy your site. I use it a lot as a reference. I also purchased a Sonny Knight CD from you. Keep up the good work.

Ken Shank / Hanover PA / August 2003

Hi! I recently bought some CDs from you and was very happy with them, so I'd like to order some more CDs. They are: All the Hits by All the Stars Volume 1
Liberty Bell - CD 7013; Hey! Look What I Found - Volume 3 Mavis CD-4503; Hey! Look What I Found - Volume 4 Mavis CD-4504; Hey! Look What I Found -
Volume 10 Mavis CD-4510; and Hey! Look What I Found - Volume 11 Mavis CD-4511. 

Donald L Robinson / Brooklyn Ny / August 2003

Came across your site while searching Google under a song title. After spending an hour persuing your CD Oldies catalgue I had to wipe up rthe drool from the

I'm a 65-year-old whose hobby is collecting hit singles [pop, R&B, R&R and Country] from the 1950s and 1960s - a passion I share with a close friend. Between the two of us we have over 800 CDs and - so far - over 11,000 selections. To this point we have been obtaining a lot of our stuff from but now that we have found your outfit we will be placing orders here til the well runs dry.

What caught our eye was St. Therese Of The Roses by Billy Ward & The Dominos [featuring Jackie Wilson on that song] which is something that just does not appear anywhere except on an expensive Jackie Wilson box-set.

We will be placing our first order soon. In the meantime, on the off chance that you are in contact with someone who puts CDs together [like the Hey! Look What I Found and Remembering series] I have taken the liberty of listing what my friend and I consider to be the 25 hardest selections to find [and believe me we have searched]. Perhaps you could pass this along to one of the outfits with a view to putting together a compilation [call it Impossible To Find 45s]:

Bandit [O'Cangaceiro] - Eddie Barclay - 1955
White Silver Sands - Owen Bradley Quintet - 1957
It's Almost Tomorrow - David Carroll & His Orchestra - 1955
Melody Of Love - David Carroll & His Orchestra - 1955
My Boy - Flattop - Dorothy Collins - 1955
Seven Days - Dorothy Collins - 1956
Glad Rag Doll - Crazy Otto - 1955
Smile - Crazy Otto - 1955
Lovely One - The Four Voices - 1956
Theme from The Threepenny Opera - Richard Hayman & Jan August - 1956
City Of Angels - The Highlights featuring Frank Pisani - 1956
The Petticoats Of Portugal - Dick Jacobs & His Orchestra - 1956
"Main Title" and "Molly-O" - Dick Jacobs & His Orchestra - 1956
An Open Letter To My Teenage Son - Victor Lundberg - 1967
Earth Angel - Gloria Mann - 1955
A Fallen Star - Nick Noble - 1957
Wringle Wrangle - Fess Parker - 1957
Tequila - Eddie Platt & His Orchestra - 1958
True Love - Jane Powell - 1956
The Return Of The Red Baron - The Royal Guardsmen - 1967
English Muffins And Irish Stew - Sylvia Syms - 1956
The Man In A Raincoat - Priscilla Wright - 1955
Lullaby Of Love - Frank Gari - 1961
Love Me Forever - Eydie Gorme - 1958
Torero - Julius LaRosa - 1958

If someone put together such a compilation I know of at least 20 collectors personally who would rush to purchase one. Anyway, just a thought. Look forward to doing business with you soon.

George O'Leary / July 2003


A customer with email address 'WHYME@MYWAY.COM' has just updated the following message about 'CONRECS' in the 'Feedback' section in GEMM.

Good Shopping experience, Great Titles......But at check out, there is no final price showing as being billed to my CC

Continental Records Overall Rating:  Good / July 2003

Dear Neil:

Hi! Last week ,i was received this CD ( Best of the bells-By the bells).I'm very very like it.

Many many thanks for you and your company all staff.Best regards,

Choi-Wah ,Chow / Hong Kong / July 2003

The CDs arrived safe and sound. I hope to buy some more CDs from you in the future. Thanks, 

Don Robinson / Brooklyn NY / July 2003

When I moved to Europe way back in the seventies, I entrusted my beloved 
teenage record collection, all vinyl, to a good friend.

While vacationing in Canada and staying with that same good buddy, I 
asked on a whim if he still had the old stuff stashed away. "Of course," 
he said, and proceeded to pull them all out. Dusting off his old 
turntable, we proceeded to listen together to some of the music which 
helped inspire us to form our own rock band as teens.

It was a huge thing for me as a Hamilton area kid to go to big T.O. 
(Toronto for the uninitiated). The highlight of a trip like that was to 
go to "Sam The Record Man," which was the largest place to go to pick up 
vinyl at the time. That's where I originally got my hands on "The Ugly 
Ducklings: Somewhere Outside". This Toronto band was putting out some of 
the most exciting locally made rock at the time.

After listening to the old music here, my friend and I started wondering 
how much of it had been remastered in CD format. I had a lot of doubts 
in that area with respect to a rather short-lived group from T.O. like 
the Ugly Ducklings, a band unknown to most people.

But lo and behold a search on the Internet brought up Continental 
Records and info on a remastering of their various 45s and "Somewhere 
Outside" material.

Being just a big kid after all, I decided to place a quick call to your 
business, which was actually returned immediately after the Canada Day 
holiday (wow, a business that actually calls back for something with as 
little commercial significance as one CD!).

Today, the very next day, it's in my hands and it's an excellent 
remastering, evidently of the original tapes (I'd appreciate getting 
more info on that and who did the job).

Too bad you didn't have stuff by The Paupers, another Toronto band of 
the time, or I would've ordered that too (my order had to go elsewhere).

Excellent service and what a treasure to return to Europe with. Aside 
from having what is hopefully a profitable business for you, you are 
also performing a great contribution by having this hard-to-get heritage 
music available in both the original vinyl and CD formats.

Thanks a lot, and feel free to throw this on the customer 
acknowledgements page on your website if you like.

Paul Harrison / Wellandport ON / July 2003


A customer with email address 'CORNELIA.RENSI@ACGOV.ORG' has just updated the following message about 'CONRECS' in the 'Feedback' section in GEMM.

Continental Records Overall Rating:  Excellent / July 2003

Hi, Neil.

The 6 records I ordered arrived Monday, June 23rd, and are most excellent. I don't know how It didn't take very long at all, in fact, the timing was also excellent.

The lady I ordered them for was between paychecks but I knew she was 
reliable so I ordered them in advance.

Thanks for your patience with my small orders. Hopefully, someday I may be able to place a much bigger one.

Fred Smith / Toledo OH / June 2003

Thank you so much Neil.  You have been a huge lifesaver, sorry to have
been such a pest.  I look forward to ordering again from you in the
future.  Although, if you want my Texan opinion - you need to get some
George Strait. :)  Have a good day.  - Sara

Sara Thomas / Houston TX / June 2003

Dear Neil:

I told you I would contact you if our records came within 2 days and I do keep my word.  I tried all 3 and no problems at all.

Would you try to excuse my impatience?  I have this problem for a long time while Yvonne is cool as can be.  I'm really old-fashioned and have problems buying anything by mail or over the internet.  I can't seem to change.

Today I am trying to trace a prescription I MAILED to a pharmacy -- they should have had it by now!!  I guess I received back what I gave out to you.

Every time we get an order from you, we get excited.  All stores quit selling 45's.  The Jukebox is our most valuable piece of furniture.  And we do recommend you to others.  One person who Yvonne knows did try buying a large amount of records on E-Bay.  He wound up throwing most away because of how they played.

I sometimes wonder why I get so impatient.   It's as if the world will end unless everything goes JUST PERFECT. It doesn't even make any sense to me when I think about it.  When I was in college, I had a girlfriend who told me that the classroom went 'still' when I walked in the room.  I asked her what she meant.  She said because I was "so cool".  Ha!  Whatever happened?  Man, I just don't know.  I'm workin' on it.  Take care, guy.  Sorry. 

                                                                                                        Ralph Ludiv / Harrisburg PA / June 2003


Dalmo Amorim / Rio De Janero BRAZIL / June 2003

Just a note to let you know the CDs have now arrived. All 3 and all's well.
Thanks very much.
Service is great. We'll be doing business again soon.

Cheers for now

Tony Hardy / Lane Cove NSW AUSTRALIA / May 2003


I've ordered already twice some times ago and I'm very satisfied with your service.

Here's my new order:

Gerhard Fiolka / Berne Germany / May 2003

As an Oldies collector, who has searched high and low for some tracks (e.g. 'Morning girl' by The Neon Philharmonic etc) I have to say you have the most fabulous web site I have ever come across.

Please congratulate whoever designed the site.  Words fail me - it is just utterly outstanding!

I am a cautious person and have so far never offered my Credit Card on the Net (there seem so many hacks), but as soon as I can arrange with someone else to buy, I shall be doing so.

Gerald Thorburn / May 2003

Hi Neil.

I'm still looking for a copy of the "Chapel of Love" by the Dixie Cups and "My Girl" by the Temptations.  Any chance you've got either in stock?

Please reply to my home at

Love your company and the records you've sent me.

Thanks again,

Bob Leeds / Howell Michigan / April 2003


A customer with email address 'ROB@CONCOPOOP.FSNET.COM' has just updated the following message about 'CONRECS' in the 'Feedback' section in GEMM.

Continental Records Overall Rating:  Excellent / April 2003

Hi Neil.

Just to say thanks for the CDs I ordered. They arrived quicker than anticipated and it's great to find a site offering a selection of music and rare tracks not available anywhere else.

I would recommend Continental Records to anyone.

All the best,

Steve Woodward / Coventry UK / March 2003

Neil: My order finally arrived with the usual high quality products.Thank you for your patience with my impatience. 

Craig Shellady / Kalona IA / March 2003


thankyou for your message. What excellent service.

Francis Rawlings  / Lane Cove Australia / March 2003


I received the 45 yesterday in great shape !!  Thank you !

See ya-

Mike Weber / Lansing MI / February 2003

Hi Neil,

Got my 45's today and they're great!  My apologies for forgetting that I
opted for the standard shipping option.

Take care, and Many thanks for being out there for us vinyl enthusiasts!!

Thom Watson / Acworth GA / February 2003


The order has already arrived safe and sound for the following:Item name: Frank Motley & his Motley Crew - Honkin' At Midnight Ref.#DC CD-0400 Quantity: 1 (Shipment method:Air mail)

Million thanks

Akihito Watanabe / Aichi JAPAN / February 2003


I put another money order in the mail today.  The number is 3485525583,you
should be receiving it within a week.  Again, I apologize for the mix-up.
You are one of the few companies I know that I can get 45's from.  Plus
you've always given me great service.  Many thanks.

Brenda Bailey / Houlton ME / January 2003

I received the order, thanks for the prompt service.   However, I didn't appear to receive an invoice (and thus don't know how much I was billed). Please let me know.


Hal Sider / Deerfield IL / January 2003

Hi Neil,

CDs arrived safe & sound. Now I have gained direct faith in your link.
Thanks so much. Regards,

Hank Facer / Auburn Australia / January 2003

could you please advise me if  The Tartan Collection by Bobby Curtola is
still available
I enjoy your page very much and have ordered  numerous cd's from
yourselves of rock and roll artists. I do a rock & roll request show on
community radio in australia and the cd's that I have bought from you
have been invaulable.

thanking you

phil amaral / Niagara Park Australia / December 2002

I have a question for you.  Why does your website show a picture sleeve when the record comes in a plain sleeve?  Just curious.

I received my order today.  Thank you for the prompt service and reasonable prices. 

My sister-in-law recently acquired a jukebox, I will share your site with her.

Ken, Jen & Sara / December 2002

Hi Neil,

Finally, I received my shipment in good order on Friday, November 22, 2002.
I am very pleased with my CDs.  Thank you!

Suzanne Morin / Ottawa ON / November 2002

A customer with email address 'JOANIE05@AOL.COM' has just updated the following message about 'CONRECS' in the 'Feedback' section in GEMM.

Overall Rating:  Excellent

Excellent seller

I am very pleased with my purchase.  I searched the internet for 4 hours before I found this web site and seller that carried the cd with the song that I wanted.  My order was processed and sent out on the same day and I received it a week later.  Excellent and speedy service.

Joann Muncey / Radcliff KY / November 2002

Dear Niel,

I just wanted to drop an email to you to let you know how satisfied I was with the cd I purchased from your web site.  The shipment was sent out the day I ordered and I recieved it in a week :).  Thanks so much.  I had spent 4 hours on the web searching for this particular cd and your web site offered the least amount of shipping days.  I can honestly say that I am extremly pleased.  Thank you again. 

Joann Muncey / Radcliff KY / November 2002

Just wanted to say that I received the CD early this week. Thank you so much for a great disc!

You guys are wonderful.

Jen Petrics / Toms River NJ / November 2002

I rec. my cd's today and all are in excellant shape. Thank you.  Will contact you again to order more product. 

Rick Bergstrom / Coquitlqam BC / November 2002

Hi Neil

Records arrived today. A very efficient service that you provide and I'm sure that I will be in touch soon. Thanks again.

Phil Hatherall / Gloucester England / October 2002

dear neil,

this is to inform you that i already received all my orders. thank you very much.

glen ace solomon ramos / Manila Phillipines / October 2002

I just want to thank you for your prompt delivery of the CD "THE EXCITERS / TELL HIM / THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION".   I really enjoy it.

Thank you again for your great service!!!

Maureen Gilligo / Mercerville NJ / October 2002


Thanks for the quick service. If you happen to come across either of these songs on CD let mw know and I will buy them:

Roving Heart - Privilege (Edmonton Group from 1967)
Georgia Pines - The Candymen (1967)


Tom Corr / Brampton ON / October 2002

Dear Neil, 

Just letting you know the records arrived safe and sound today. Thank you again. 
You'll be hearing from me with another want list of goodies soon. Take care. 
Paul Madrid  / Arleta CA / October 2002

Dear Neil:

Records received in A-OK!! condition.  Thank you.

J. Michael Katz / Munster  IN / September 2002

Thank you so much. You folks are great!

Debbie Pepe / Denver CO / September 2002


Thank you!  I have experienced much success and professionalism with your company thus far - keep up the good work! 

Bj Jackson / Charlotte NC / August 2002


Thank you very much for prompt attention to my inquirery.  I hope to do business with you again.  Thanks.

Herb Hood / Sewell NJ / August 2002

Thank you, I found your site to be very informative.  Great resource. 

Dave Wilbur / Lawrenceburg TN / July 2002

Hi from Winnipeg,

Just checking to see if you haven't forgotten my backorder of CDs. Thanks. I still am really enjoying your CDs.  You make/sell a good product.

Larry Krause / Winnipeg MB / July 2002


Thank you for your immediate response.  I am psyched! 

Also, I was wondering if you carry any of the other "30 Original Golden Oldies" series on the Mr. Maestro label.  These compilations have been most satisfying.  I already own 1001 and 1002 and now with this latest
order, 1010.  1006 and 1008 are next on my list from this great label. 

Thank you for your time.

Andy Knefel / Las vegas NV / July 2002


A customer with email address 'OSMIDEAL@AOL.COM' has just updated the following message about 'CONRECS' in the 'Feedback' section in GEMM.

Continental Records Overall Rating:  Excellent

Very good seller!

trustworthy seller and very fast
Good choice!

I received the records thank you so much The records are great and i will do business with you again.

Joyce Nichols / Centralia WA / July 2002

Hi Neil,

A quick message to say the shipment turned up yesterday (8th July) safe & sound so now I'm very happy. 

Best wishes

Chris Smith / Adelaide Australia / July 2002

Thanks Neil. Appreciate the great service. Have a great week. Thanks again. Paul 

Hi Neil. 

Received the 45's in the mail this week and there perfect. I would like to place another order and have listed the titles below. I need one of each title and could you please include the "Title Strips" with this order as you did with the last order. I have attached my mailing address again just in case you don't have it on file. Let me know if you need my card number again and the availability of these selections if you can. Thanks again for the great service and have a great long weekend. Happy Canada Day. 

Paul Short / Bay Roberts NF / July 2002

I wanted to thank you for your buisness. I received the batman record and I am pleased with it.


Rich Witt / Covington KY / June 2002


Just wanted to let you know THEY CAME IN TODAY'S MAIL.  Thanks for everything.

Karen Bervig / Pittsburgh PA / June 2002

Good Day!

Thank you for your great website!!  I looked all over for an on-line vendor and you had the most user friendly site.

I would like to order the following 45 records. 

Mary Beth Statler / St. Louis MO / June 2002


A customer with email address 'JEFF1847@NORTHNET.ORG' has just updated the following message about 'CONRECS' in the 'Feedback' section in GEMM.

Overall Rating:  Excellent

Stars On 45/Tight Fit

Excellent, expeditious service!

May 2002

I just wanted to let you know the CD's I ordered from you came in today.

Thank you so very much for the prompt service.

Thank You Again,

Roland Woodworth / Indianapolis IN / April 2002

Order received 25.04.02.Thanks for your excellent service.

Ness Sherlock / Hamilton ON / April 2002

Should there be a connection between Continental Records and the Mavis label, to wit, the "Hey! Look What I Found" CD series, I would like to  express how very much I appreciate
this wonderful compilation. 

I recently completed the purchase of the outstanding volumes of the series missing from my collection, and have been thoroughly pleased with each one I've obtained.  Whomever is
responsible for the production of this series is to be congratulated on not only the compiled music, but also the technical quality of the final product.

One can only hope that further volumes are in the works and shall be made available.  This is one of the few "oldies" series that is worth latching on to.

If further volumes are being considered, I would like to suggest the inclusion of Cyril Stapleton's "The Italian Theme" as a part thereof.  Talk about obscure Top 30 hits, that is
one of the prime examples of obscurity.

Thanks again for a wonderful listening experience.

P. S.  Should Continental Records have no connection to Mavis, please pass this along to any contacts you may have with the label.

Don Walker / Forest Hill MD / April 2002


I've ordered quite a few CD's from you and have always been tremendously satisfied with the quality of the discs as well as the service you and
your people have provided.

Got a quick question.  Do you foresee any comprehensive releases of either Bobby Goldsboro or Eydie Gorme's hits in the near future.

You always seem to get the greatest CD's of hard to find songs and although there are greatest hits packages from these two artists, none
of them include the Adult Contemporary hits that each had.

Just thought I'd ask.  Keep up the fantastic work.  Every month I can't wait to see the new releases.

You and the rest of the staff are the best!

Richard Biederstedt / Encinitas CA / April 2002

Dear Neil, 

Just received the Dovells CD I ordered - thank you! I did a little dance of joy when it came, great music! -- Cheers! 

Nanette Valencia / Seattle WA / March 2002

I would like to order some more records. The last ones were great...


Jeffrey L Sweet / Gloversville NY / March 2002

Dear Go-Continental:

I love your site and was very happy with an "All the Hits" collection I ordered with some of the Orlons old songs on its tracks.  Great stuff! I know this is a Philadelphia related rock and roll site but wonder if sometimes in the future you might have that great old Mercury Records album "Pop Hits: The Diamonds" Mercury Wing12178 with such songs as "Land of Beauty" on its tracks, which was the flip or b side of "The Stroll," and other songs not found on any existing collections, even the Mercury collection of their so-called "Best of"
CD.  Something someone wants always gets left off right?

And I don't know where Bobby "Boris" Pickett was from, but that original Monster Mash album was a lot of fun ( I was only twelve or thirteen when it came out in 1962, I think it was, or maybe '63? It's been a while.  Who knows what my mother did with that record?

Anyway, thought I'd ask, especially about that Diamonds song on the b side of "The Stroll," and which I encourage you to consider when you create another oldies collection to think about putting "Land of Beauty" on it as it's as hard to find as much of the great stuff you
have to offer.

In a week or so I've got to order, "Do the Mouse," by Soupy Sales. Met him recently in Los Angeles, last September 6th and he signed his autobiography for me: a great guy!

Anyway, keep up the good work.   There is much I want here and I will soon make a nice order.


Nick Campbell / Atascadero CA / March 2002

I would like to order the following 45 rpm records:

Also, I would like to ask you if it is possible for you to attempt to locate 
the following 45 rpm records:

I am very pleased with your Company and your service.  Keep up the good work. I have recommended you to friends and co-workers.

Thank you kindly for your assistance.

Mary A. O'Connor / Tulsa OK / February 2002

Hi Neil - Received it today. Thanks.....great selection of items, I am addicted to your web site...

John Thompson / Chelmsford MA / February 2002

Hi Neil

Just to let you know that the CD arrived safely today.

Many thanks - already planning my next order.

Kind regards

Jim Grant / Amersham, Bucks England / February 2002


Every month I look forward to seeing what new releases you offer--and every month you always come through with something great.

I think I need both the new Billy Vaughan and Bobby Vinton, but was wondering if you could send me the track listings so I can be sure.

Thanks again for making such hard to find music available.

Richard Biederstedt / Encinitas CA / January 2002

Thank you.

You've some really unique and interesting items on your site, and i hope to
be ordering from you soon.

Mark Kalashian / Haverhill MA / January 2002

An order I had made with your company appeared lost in the mail as I mailed you a check for payment.

Today I received this order and thank you for following through on it as this record "Green Door" is not available anywhere that we've been able to find until we discovered your company.  We'll be ordering again in the future. 


Jim Haldaman / Traverse City MI / January 2002

Merry Christmas

I am taking this brief moment to thank and wish all those at Continental Records a Happy Holiday. I used Continental Records for the first time this year, and I am very pleased with the outcome. I'll have no fear next time i need to order music now.

henry amador / Albuquerque NM / December 2001

Hi Neil

Last order received OK.  Just great service & quality. Here's my new order

Jim Grant / Amersham UK / December 2001

Hi Neil, 

 just wanted to say thanks to you, the 45 RPMs arrived yesterday, all in supershape and anyway I´m happy I have got them.

 Christa Blümel / Lendplatz Austria / November 2001

Dear Mr. Patte, 

Just wanted to say I received my copy of Remembering 1963-Volume 3 this past afternoon. It was great to hear Go Away Little Girl by Steve Lawrence and Blame It On The Bossa Nova by Eydie Gorme again. Hadn't heard them in ages and they are practically impossible to find this side of the border. Of course I enjoyed the rest of it as well. Thanks again for your service and your always prompt replies to my questions. I'll be sending out my requests for order #2 later on this week.   Sincerely, 

Paul Madrid  / Arleta CA / November 2001

Thanks Neil,

Everything came to me in perfect condition and I'm happy with the 45s!

Take care,

Lawrence Linder / Surrey BC / November 2001

Neil, thanks so much. I got it in today's mail. Nice doing business with you.

Jeannie Benedict / Spring Lake Height NJ / October 2001

Hi Neil

The Cd arrived this morning.  Thanks, its great. I look forward to ordering a ton more stuff from you in the near future!!


Nicholas Roberts / London England / October 2001

Dear Neil, Great work-thank you!  Thank you so much for my order that I am happy to report arrived safely in the mails here in Virginia today. 

Don Boudreau, Fredericksburg VA / August 2001



JOHN SZOTOWSKI / Ottawa ON / August 2001

Hello from Japan

I have received the CDs a couple of days ago. I thank you for your quick response.

I hope that next volume of "All the Hits by All the Stars" will contain these songs:

Hirokaz Yakame, Tokyo Japan / July 2001


Overall Rating:  Excellent

Excellent Service

I've ordered directly from their site before and I've always had good, fast service. Not a complaint from me,ever.

Michael Bakunas / Chicago IL / July 2001


Overall Rating:  Excellent

Your response time by email and availability of product is excellent

Richard Shank / Edmonton AB / June 2001


Overall Rating:  Excellent

Vendor ships extemely promptly, is friendly and helpful, and knowledgeable about his product, which consists of high quality CDs mostly of rare recordings not readily available elsewhere. Highly recommended!

Robin McKenzie / Toronto ON / June 2001

Hi Neil:

Received all the 45's and put them on my juke box.  Greatttttttt. Especially the Al Jolson songs - I used to sing Mammy to my Mother when I was 6 years old.  Long long long time ago. Thank you for sending my order and I am sure I will be ordering more in the future.


Dan Emmons / Pass Christian MS / June 2001

Hello Neil:

Just a note to thank you for the CD I recently ordered. Not only is it a great CD, but also it arrived within a week of my ordering it. Although I ordered the CD for one specific song, there are a number of other songs that I'd forgotten, and now I'm really enjoying them as well...not to mention the memories they bring back What a bonus! Thanks again.I have the website saved in my 'favorites'.

Yana Sabanskis / Vancouver BC / May 2001

Thank you very much for your quick delivery. The records arrived in excellent condition on saturday morning. Only The Searchers "Love Potion # 9" was missing. Is it still available?

Wolfgang Renno / Korschenbroich Germany / May 2001

Continental Records Dear Neil,

I would like to inform you that I got your small packet with the records on May 8. I was out of town from May 8-10, and I found your packet in my office this morning.

Thank you very much for your job, and I am looking forwards to unpacking it this evening at home!! I would like to search your Web Site often to find more...

Best regards,

Sadanobu Yoshida / Miami FL / May 2001

Neil, the records arrived today. I will advise Visa to pay the first amount and  it is easier if you just remove the second amount on your end. I' m glad we finally got this resolved. The records are great. Thanks much for your constant help. 

John LaRosa / Manorville NY / May 2001

Received the single a few days ago. Great item.


Johan Hagman / Avesta Sweden / May 2001

<laughing> < This way I sell twice as much product here!> I knew you were up to no good, Neil.  <smile> This pal of mine is obsessed with songs of the 50's.  Funny part was,
just today I saw him and gave him the last shipment I received from you.  I hadn't checked my mailbox for the day yet.

This afternoon, I meandered out and lo and behold..there was the next package!  I called to tell him before opening it to find the wrong CD. I sent the song list via e-mail and he said...
"Gimme." Or words to that effect.  When I asked if he wanted the reorder the first... he called me a turkey. Can you imagine?  <laughing>

Thanks're a godsend! Best...Tina

Tina Gonsalves / Ellington CT / May 2001


My order arrived yesterday, thank you. And it was less than I had expected to pay. Thank you again.

Wellington (Will) Lee / Schubert NJ / April 2001


I just saw that you've added Remembering 1958, vol. 1 to 4, to your list
of CD's available for the month of April.

I would appreciate receiving these when they become available.

Keep encouraging the producer of this excellent series to continue the
good work.

Donald Langis / Dieppe NB / April 2001

Got the records, they are excellent Thanks 

Peter Hale / Petaluma CA / April 2001 

Neil: Just a note to let you know that we received the records and have already placed them in our Jukebox and are very pleased. As I said above, we are very pleased with the quality of the records we received and have already started our list for our next order. We will definitely recommend your "site" to anyone else we know who is wanting 45 RPM records. 

Anita Kinyon / Still Water OK / April 2001

Hello Neil, I received your parcel and I thank you. If you have other Queen & Related records in the future, please, let me know in advance if it's possible. Thanks and regards 

Emilio Scandroglio / Legnano Italy / April 2001

Neil, received order of 45 vynils all in perfect condition 

paul ledger / suffolk England / April 2001 

thank you for you'r time looking forward to buying more 45 from you thank you. 

roy lischinsky / belton tx / March 2001

Dear Mr. Patte, I recently purchased some 45's through your web site. I was in awe because I did not know that 45's still existed. I have lost many of my 45's throughtout the years and I never thought they were able to be replaced. I would like to place a larger order. 

Yvonne Garcia / Springfield, MA / March 2001

Hello Neil, I just received the CD "Look What I Found, Vol. 1" in the mail today. Thank you so much for the quick delivery. I can't wait to present it to my friend Joe who has been searching for the song, "Morgen" for ages. 

Tina Gonsalves /  Ellington CT / March 2001

Neil: Received the catalog yesterday in the mail and I just wanted to say thanks again for everything. Now to hunt for what I'm missing so I can place another order. 

Al Kasprzak / Buffalo NY / March 2001

Neil - Thanks, got the 45, and it's in really good condition! 

Wallace Colvard / Los Angeles CA / March 2001

Dear Neil On behalf of GEMM, thank you very much for passing this on! 

Sharon GEMM Customer Service / / March 2001

Hi Neil, Package arrived safely thank you. Great to hear "crazy little things" again. regards 

Malcolm Dennis / Lindisfarne Tasmania Australia / March 2001

Neil, Records received today - gosh, that was quick! Thanks, Norman. 

Norman MacRae / Aberdeen Scotland / January 2001


john szotowski / Ottawa ON / December 2000

Hi Neil ... your site is so interesting. I have sent the link to a friend whose husband collected and catalogued albums from the 50s/60s/70s and had something like 5K albums. Some were new, some found in garage sales - your site may inspire my friend to something! 

Dini Corbett-Lourenco / Toronto ON / December 2000

Dear Sir,

I bought the book entitles "The Top 200 Hits 1956-1986" by Neil Patte. I found it to be very helpful and I liked it very much.

Gary Dunlavey / Monroe WI / December 2000

Dear Friends at Continental Records: I could spend hours just listening to your rendition of my favorite songs. I do enjoy playing my 45 records on my RCA 45 Record Player, Model 45 E-Y-2. I think I was given it by my parents when I graduated from the 8th grade, so it has been around for a while. Sincerely, 

Bill Febuary (age 64) / December 2000 

I recently ordered a single 45 from you and wanted to write to say how much I appreciated your friendly, knowledgeable service and prompt mailing! I just received it today -- in excellent condition. This will be such a Christmas surprise for my husband! Thanks again! 

Jean McCartney / Lincoln, NE / November 2000

Hi Neil,

Just a note to let you know the package arrived. Thanks.

The juke box strips are great!

Terry O'Reilly / Toronto ON / November 2000


The Phil Phillips CD arrived yesterady. It´s been a pleasure doing business with you.

Yours truly,

Ove Blanch / Spanga Sweden / November 2000

Hi Neil,

Singles received today in good order.  Many thanks!


James Ottaway / Mudgeera Australia / October 2000


I received my CDs today, and am very pleased with them and the promptness with which they have arrived.

I will contact you again soon with a further order.

Ken Mills / Hannans Australia / October 2000

Hi Neil 

Got my order today , thank you , very pleased with them . Look forward to 
ordering again in the near future .

Robert Donegan / Birmingham  England / October 2000

Thank you for an excellent quote!
Please ship the records in stock to my address:

Arild Waerness / Kalfarv Norway / September 2000

Records arrived yesterday.  thanks.

I will contact you again on a regular basis to see if the others come into stock.

Graham Tatters / Leeds UK / September 2000

hi neil-

my order came in the post yesterday - thanks for the great service.

here's another batch of stuff i'd like to get:

Mike Schulman / San Francisco CA / August 2000

I received my order of Eric 11503-2 CD yesterday (1 week faster than you estimated!)  I am very happy with it and the quality of the recordings.


Ron Rosen / South Pasedena CA / July 2000

I received my order today and what a nice surprise. I wasn't expecting it for at least a week or two. I've played "Woman Sensuous Woman" about 100 times already. Just wanted to say thanks. I'm really glad I found you. I've enjoyed doing business with you.

Thanks again,

Karen Ohrazda / Orondo WA / June 2000

Got the items yesterday - thanks ! They were all in great condition.

Kind regards,

Dag Sandbu / Norway / May 2000

Got 'em yesterday.  Thanks.

Visited the "official Brian Hyland website" and asked the authors (in an e-mail) why "So Long Marianne" was not included in their list of Hyland hits.  They replied that they had never heard of this tune.  Played to death in the summer of 1971 and a bigger hit than "Gypsy Woman", as I recall.

Makes you think that there's a conspiracy- especially when you hear these tunes regularly on the local Oldies radio station.  And they ain't playing vinyl, either.

Stephen Swenson / Gloucester ON / May 2000

I'm not sure exactly to whom I should address this, but I felt the need  to thank whoever it is that is in  charge of, the cause of, or the catalyst behind the releases on Stardust - and especially the Mavis labels.

I could be like a 50's movie ad - "I laughed, I cried, I shrunk in fear" over the "Hey, Look 
What I Found" series, but as each CD is issued, I want to be, and will be the first on my 
block to have one. I patiently await volumes 10, 11 & 12 - just to see what surprises are 
in store for me. I remember reading the list of titles and artists, then, as each song (I swear - 
each song) played, I said to myself - Oh God! I remember that !!  So, from the deepest 
recesses of my heart's memory - Thank You for these incredible gifts.

Warm Regards,

Alan B. Ector / San Jose, CA / April 2000

Mr Patte

I receive my order (Paul Anka's album). Thank You very much.

Walter Kamijo / Cruzes Brazil / April 2000

Hi Neil,

Thanks ever so much for your message and quick service.

Best regards,
Ferenc Rosza / Budapest Hungary / March 2000

Neil, thanks for the CD's which arrived today.  I actually was about to e-mail you regarding how  you had sent them because I did not stipulate  airmail.  When they arrived here, one end of the parcel was open but  fortunately all the CD's were there.

As soon as I get myself organised (hopefully within the week), I will be placing another order.

Cheers from the "Paranoid Kid"

Annette Kulas / Henley Beach, Australia / March 2000

To Neil Patte:

Delighted with records you sent

Stan Neustadter / New York NY / March 2000

Dear Neil,

I am sending this e-mail to let you know that the records I ordered arrived safely yesterday. Thank you for your help with the purchase. Nice to do business with you!

Best Wishes

Robert Elliott /Houndslow Middlesex UK/ February 2000

Subject: CD received!

Dear Neil: Hi again! I am happy to tell you the CD arrived safe and sound! Thank you
for your time, trouble and kindness.

Virginia Delgado / Mexico City Mexico / Feb 2000

Hi there!

Just to inform you that my CHUM Chart book arrived today.  Many thanks for the service.

Paul J. Hooper./ Hulsberg Holland / Jan 2000

Re: Dead Wax or Trailing Edge

I really appreciate you taking the time to write me back.  Have a very happy New Year,

Karen Batta / / Dec 1999

Thanks for the 2 45s you sent, they were both great.

Kevin Burdrass / Boston England / Dec 1999

Dear Neil

Hello. I would just like to thank you for sending the records. I received them yesterday.


Wade Kidwell / Durban South Africa / Nov 1999

Neil- just wanted you to know that I liked the 45's you sent me so much I referred your site and Company to a friend of mine who is looking for some old songs too. His name is Brian Hamill from Waterloo. I know you'll look after him well.

Craig Webb / Guelph ON./ Nov 1999

Subject: Thanks to Neil

Dear Neil,

Thank you very much for sending "The Philadelphia Story 1957-1967."  The Dovells are now
singing "Hully Gully Baby" flawlessly!  I also enjoyed "Let the Good Times Roll & Feel So Good" by Bunny Sigler which I probably haven't heard since 1967!

I'll continue checking your site and hopefully I'll be ordering CD's from you soon.

Thanks again,

Terry Rhoda / Eustis FL / Oct 1999

Dear Sir

I just wanted to thank you so much for your fast response to my search. I am going to order this record tomorrow from you people.  If i do indeed get this record, you can rest assured that you have made one senior citizen a very happy lady.

Thanks again

Patricia Leeder / Kilworthy FL / Oct 1999

Just received your book for collector's. It's just what I needed Thank's again.

Kennneth Young / Nanaimo BC / Oct 1999

Hi Neil! The package arrived safely in Gliwice yesterday. I plan to play "F... me forever" in my Catholic Radio Station, from time to time. In the package I've found a leaflet and two very interesting CDs on it. Here is my new order:

Jerzy RUTKOWSKI / Gliwice POLAND / Oct 1999


I received the Rydell CD today.  Thank you. I am very impressed by the sound quality.  I thought under the circumstances it may not be that good.  Good work.

One minor quibble.  All the hits are included except "Door To Paradise" which made #9 here in Australia.  Must admit I can't remember it though. Now I look forward to "The Philadelphia Story".

Thanks again.

Graeme Freeland / Highton Australia / Oct 1999

Subject:: Send Me CDs (Again)

Dear Continental Records Co. Ltd

I  received  the  CDs  that I had ordered a couple of weeks ago. I thank you for your quick response.

And I add to this order below. I  think you have great catalogues. Keep good work to make
hard-core oldies fans (all over the world!!) happy.


Hirokazu Yakame / Yokohama Japan / Sep 1999


I recieved the record collector book this morning - Many thanks


Mr Neir

Thanks very much !! before one week,I could get my request. All items is good. I am very fun!! Next time, I use your sight.

Sencely yours.

HACHIZO IZUCHI / Funabashi City Japan / August 99


Re: Open Letter To a Teenage Son by Victor Lundburg

I want you to know my order has arrived. I hope AMEX will convert properly the amount of my purchase.  Thanks gain!

Best always! Regards,

Will Wiehe / New Rochelle NY / July 99


Just want you to know that the CDs I ordered arrived in good shape and a few days sooner than your stated average.  No problem with the currency exchange via Visa.

When I return from vacation in early August, I plan to order two more.


Bob Ogles / West Lafayette IN / July 99


Thank you, thank you, thank you.  You made my day!!

Sue Richmond / London ON / June 99.

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