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UGGH CD-505 
US$13.95 or CDN$16.95
The Dubs - The Magic Harmony Of

This CD is discontinued and no longer available.
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1. I Won't Have You Breaking My Heart
2. Jump Rock and Roll
3. Dedications
4. For Those Who Think Young
5. Connie
6. Could This Be Magic
7. If I Only Had Magic
8. No One
9. Early In the Evening
10. Island of Dreams
11. Joogie Boogie
12. Don't Laugh at Me
13. You'll Never Belong To Me
14. For the First Time
15. Ain't That So
16. Wisdom of a Fool
17. For All the Tea in China
18. Down Down Down I Go
19.Go Where Rainbows Go
20. Don't Ask Me To Be Lonely
21. This I Swear
22. Lullabye
23. Just You
24. Blue Velvet
25. Jubilee
26. Your Very First Love
27. A Wonderful Night For Love
28. This Is the End

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