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Titanic CD-981010 
US$13.95 or CDN$16.95
The Radiants – Baby You Got It

This CD is discontinued and no longer available.
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1. Joyce
2. Hold On
3. Father Knows Best
4. One Day I'll Show You
5. Heartbreak Society
6. Please Don't Leave Me
7. I'm In Love
8. Shy Guy
9. Voice Your Choice
10. If I Only Had You
11. I Got a Girl
12. It Ain't No Big Thing
13. Whole Lot of Woman
14. Tomorrow
15. I Want To Thank You Baby
16. Baby You Got It
17. Anything You Do Is Alright
18. (Don't It Make You) Feel Kind of Bad
19. The Clown Is Clever
20. Don't Take Your Love
21. Tears of a Clown
22. I'm Just a Man
23. Choo Choo
24. Ida Mae Foster
25. Book of Love
26. Another Mule Is Kicking In Your Stall
27. I'm Glad I'm the Loser
28. My Sunshine Girl
29. Don't Wanna Face the Truth

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