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Teenager CD-614 
US$13.95 or CDN$16.95
Tommy Roe - 33 Greatest Hits

This CD is discontinued and no longer available.
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1. Shelia
2. Dizzy
3. Everybody
4. Hooray For Hazel
5. Sweet Pea
6. Jam Up And Jelly Tight
7. It’s Now Winter’s Day
8. We Can Make Music
9. Come On
10. Be A Good Little Girl
11. Heather Honey
12. Susie Darlin’
13. Pearl
14. Party Girl
15. Dottie I Like It
16. Carol
17. Energy
18. The Folk Singer
19. Gonna Take A Chance
20. Jack And Jill
21. Maney Is My Pay
22. Stagger Lee
23. Little Hollywood Girl
24. Everytime A Bluebird Cries
25. Town Crier
26. Stir It Up And Serve It
27. Piddle De Pat
28. Sensations
29. Save Your Kisses
30. Pretty Girl
31. Caveman
32. I Got A Girl
33. Sheila (Judd label version)

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