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Teenager CD-613 
US$13.95 or CDN$16.95
The Paris Sisters - I Love How You Love 

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1. I Love How You Love Me (Original mono version)
2. Be My Boy
3. He Knows I Love Him Too Much
4. Dream Lover
5. I’ll Be Crying Tomorrow
6. All Through The Night
7. Once Upon A While Ago
8. Yes, I Love You
9. A Lonely Girl’s Prayer
10. What Am I To Do
11. Let Me Be The One
12. Lonely Girl
13. My Good Friend
14. Sincerely
15. See That Boy
16. You
17. Long After Tonight
18. Some Of Your Lovin’ 
19. Too Good To Be True
20. I’m Me
21. It’s My Party
22. Born To Be With You
23. Always Waiting
24. Daughter Daughter
25. Why Do I Take It From You
26. He Noticed Me
27. Help Me
28. Huckleberry Pie
29. Baby, Honey Baby
30. Be My Boy
31. I Love How You Love Me (Stereo version)

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