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Star CDR-1001 
US$12.95 or CDN$14.95
Teenage Girls Volume 1

Featuring Diane Ray and Janie Grant

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1. Triangle (Janie)
2. Tell Me Mama (Janie)
3. Romeo (Janie)
4. She’s Going Steady With You (Janie)
5. Greasy Kid Stuff (Janie)
6. Trying To Forget You (Janie)
7. Roller Coaster (Janie)
8. Oh Johnny (Janie)
9. Oh My Love (Janie)
10. Peggy Got Engaged (Janie)
11. Two’s Company Three’s A Crowd (Janie)
12. I Wonder Who’s Kissing Him Now (Janie)
13. Unhappy (Janie)
14. Who’s Heart Are You Breaking Now (Janie)
15. That Kind Of Boy (Janie)
16. Priceless Possession (Janie)
17. Too Young For Me (Janie)
18. Ribbons And Roses (Janie)
19. My Heart Your Heart (Janie)
20. And That Reminds Me Of You (Janie)
21. Please Don’t Talk To The Lifeguard (Diane)
22. That’s All I Want From You (Diane)
23. Happy Happy Birthday Baby (Diane)
24. That Boy’s Gonna Be Mine (Diane)
25. Snowman (Diane)
26. My Summer Love (Diane)
27. Just So Bobby Can See (Diane)
28. No Arms Can Ever Hold You (Diane)
29. Tied Up With Mary (Diane)
30. Slow Dancing With Don (Diane)
31. Where Is The Boy (Diane)
32. You’d Be So Proud Of Me (Diane)

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