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Rare Rockin Records CD-1015 
US$13.95 or CDN$16.95
The UK Teen Sound Rarities of the Early '60s

Includes 4 page colour insert

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1. When Does It Get To Be Love - Marty Wilde  (Philips label)
2. There'll Be No Goodbyes - Jimmy Crawford   (Columbia label)
3. Hummingbird - Jimmy Lloyd (Philips label)
4. A Lonely Heart - Tony Sheveton   (Oriole label)
5. There Is Always A First Time - Tony Allen   (Philips label)
6. I Wonder - Scott Hamilton (Columbia label)
7. All On My Own - Lance Fortune   (Pye label)
8. The Boy I Used To Know - Jan Burnette   (Oriole label)
9. The Great Matchmaker - Grant Tracy   (Ember label)
10. Gonna Go Back To Jeannie - Little Lennie Davis   (Decca label)
11. Don't Run Away - Marty Wilde   (Philips label)
12. Forever - Ricky Stevens (Columbia label)
13. The Wild Wind - Danny Williams   (HMV label)
14. Don't Worry About Bobby - Jimmy Crawford   (Columbia label)
15. Lullabye of Love - Danny Davis   (Pye label)
16. Cinderella Romeo - David Martin   (Piccadilly label)
17. Ecstacy - Steve Cassidy (Ember label)
18. Wait and See - Lynda Graham   (Philips label)
19. Without A Shoulder To Cry On - Tim Connor   (HMV label)
20. I'll Cross My Fingers - Allisons   (Fontana label)
21. Piper of Love - Al Saxton (Fontana label)
22. Love Me - Josh Hanna (Parlophone label)
23. Sunday - Tony & Velvets (Decca label)
24. Little Grown Up - Perry Ford   (Decca label)
25. Casanova - Roy Tierney (Philips label)
26. Moving Away - Lesley Duncan   (Parlophone label)
27. Who's Gonna Take You Home - Garry Mills   (Top Rank label)
28. Tonight I Cannot Sleep - Avons   (Columbia label)
29. Ocean of Love - Nelson Keene   (HMV label)
30. Foolish Doubts - Tony Sheveton   (Oriole label)
31. Late Last Evening - Roy Young   (Fontana label)
32. Gonna Make Him My Baby - Beryl Marsden   (Columbia label)
33. 24 Hours A Day - Brian Weske   (Piccadilly label)
34. I'm the Greatest - Frankie Townsend  (Fontana label)

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