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Raven CD-7983 
US$13.95 or CDN$16.95
The New Colony Six - The Singles Collection

     1.   I Confess
     2.   Dawn is Breaking
     3.   At the Riverís Edge 
     4.   I Lie Awake
     5.   Cadillac
     6.   Sunshine
     7.   The Power of Love
     8.   (Ballad of the) Wingbat Marmaduke (Elf Song)
     9.   Love You So Much
     10.  Let Me Love You
     11.  Youíre Gonna Be Mine
     12.  Woman
     13.  Iím Just Waitiní (Anticipatiní)
     14.  Hello Lonely
     15.  Treat Her Groovy
     16.  Rap a Tap
     17.  I Will Always Think About You
     18.  Hold Me With Your Eyes
     19.  Canít You See Me Cry
     20.  Summertimeís Another Name For Love
     21.  Things Iíd Like To Say
     22.  Come and Give Your Love to Me
     23.  I Could Never Lie To You
     24.  Just Feel Worse
     25.  I Want You to Know
     26.  Free
     27.  Barbara, I Love You
     28.  Prairie Grey
     29.  Ride the Wicked Wind
     30.  Love, Thatís the Best I Can Do
     31.  Roll On
     32.  Long Time to be Alone
     33.  Someone, Sometime

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