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Mr R&B CD-102 
US$13.95 or CDN$16.95
Coasters - Master Tapes

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All tracks in true stereo except 23 and 24
1. Charlie Brown (Outtake)
2. I'm a Hog For You (Take 6 & 7 false starts and take 8 complete)
3. Hey Sexy(Master)
4. Riding Hood (Take 4 false start and take 5 complete)
5. The Shadow Knows (Take 2 outtake)
6. Yakety Yak(Take 5 outtake)
7. I'm a Hog For You (Undubbed master)
8. The Climb (Master)
9. Zing Went the Strings of My Heart (False start and master)
10. Sorry But I'm Gonna Have To Pass (Master)
11. Riding Hood  (Unreleased fast version)
12. Three Cool Cats (Take 11 false start and take 12 master)
13. Hey Sexy (Unreleased alternate arrangement)
14. I'm a Hog For You (Unreleased slow version)
15. Charlie Brown (Master)
16. Stewball (Take 10 false start and take 11 master)
17. Riding Hood (Master)
18. Crocodile (Master)
19. Little Bitty Tear Three Cool Cats (Unreleased alternate arrangement)
20. The Shadow Knows (Master)
21. I'm a Hog For You (Yea Yea)(Take 5 outtake) 
22. Yakety Yak (Master)
23. My Baby Comes To Me(Outtake)
24. Soda Pop (Unreleased)

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