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Marginal CD-120
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The Hollywood Argyles - Featuring Gary Paxton

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By the Hollywood Argyles
1. Alley Oop
2. Hully Gully
3. Honkey Tonk
4. Yakety Yak
5. Sho' Know a Lot About Love
6. The Bug Eyed Man
7. The Way I See It
8. You're Runnin My Gladness
9. So Fine
10. You'll Always Be My Darling
11. Gun Totin Critter Called Jack
12. The Lost Ranger
13. Every Time You Smile (by the Argyles)
14. Moon Beam  (by the Argyles)
15. Long Hair Unsquare Dude Called Jack
16. Find Another Way
17. Bossy Nover

By Gary Paxton
18. Two Hump Dual Bump Camel Named R E Lee
19. Your Past Is Back Again
20. Teen Angel
21. Kansas City
22. Stop Twistin' Baby
23. Alley Oop Was a Two Dab Man
24. Teen Age Crush
25. Mother In Law
26. It Had To Be You

By the Hollywood Argyles
27. Do The Funk Foot
28. Alley Oop 1966

By Gary Paxton
29. It's My Way Of Loving You
30. Going Through the Motions
31. It's So Funny I Could Cry
32. We're Going Back Together

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