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Jordan CD-1001 
US$13.95 or CDN$16.95
Fay Simmons - R & B Mystery Woman

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     1.   And the Angels Sing
     2.   Lover Man
     3.   Whim Wham Whop
     4.   Making a Fast Getaway
     5.   Whatís the Reason (Iím Not Pleasiní You)
     6.   Heís Got the Whole World In His Hands
     7.   Lonely Girl
     8.   I Donít Slam the Door On My Heart
     9.   Come On Letís Stroll
     10.  Ella Weaver
     11.  You Hit Me Baby Like an Atomic Bomb
     12.  Tell Me What to Do
     13.  Big Joe Mambo
     14.  Bells
     15.  Whatís the Matter Baby
     16.  Entranced
     17.  Rain In My Heart
     18.  I Wonít Stop Loving You
     19.  Everybodyís Doiní the Pony
     20.  I Can See Through You
     21.  Hanginí Around
     22.  Please Tell Me Iím Yours
     23.  He Hurts Me So
     24.  A Sinner Kissed an Angel
     25.  Just To Hold My Hand
     26.  Secret Love
     27.  Forgive This Fool
     28.  Itís a Sin to Tell a Lie
     29.  Where Is My Love
     30.  If This is Goodbye

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