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World in Gold CD-300 
The Reflections - Just Like Romeo and Juliet

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   1. (Just Like) Romeo & Juliet
   2. Oowee Now Now
   3. Like Columbus Did
   4. Talkin' About My Girl
   5. (I'm Just) A Henpecked Guy
   6. Can't You Tell By the Look in My Eyes
   7. Lonely Girl
   8. Don't Do That to Me
   9. You're My Baby (And Don't You Forget It)
  10. Deborah Ann
  11. Shabby Little Hut
  12. On Broadway
  13. Poor Man's Son
  14. Comin' At You
  15. Gonna Turn the Place Out
  16. Couldn't Make it Like That
  17. June Bride
  18. Wheelin' & Dealin'
  19. Girl in the Candy Store
  20. Out of the Picture
  21. Your Kind of Love
  22. Vito's House
  23. Like Adam & Eve
  24. You're Gonna Find Out (You Need Me)
  25. The Long Cigarette
  26. Escape From Cuba
  27. Tryin' to Stop Cryin'
  28. Helpless
  29. You Said Goodbye
  30. I Love the Life I Live (And I Live the Life I Love)
  31. (Just Like) Romeo & Juliet (Stereo)
  32. Hungry For Love (by the San Remo Golden Strings) (Stereo)

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