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Silly CD- 8018 
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Those Rock n Roll Answer Songs Volume 6

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1. You Ruined My Blue Suede Shoes - Roy Hall 
  (Blue Suede Shoes)
2. Old, Old Shep - Bobby George 
  (Old Shep)
3. A Message From Memphis - Clark & Clark 
4. Mrs. Brown, Your Son Gives Up Too Easy - Lynn & The Mercy 
  (Mrs Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter)
5. Stagger Lawrence - Spencer & Spencer 
  (Stagger Lee)
6. I'm the Girl From Saginaw Michigan - Millie Swarters 
  (I'm the Girl from Wolverton Mountain)
7. Sidecar Sickle - Jimmy Blair 
  (Hotrod Lincoln)
8. He Wore a Green Beret - Leslie MIlller 
  (Ballad of the Green Berets)
9. You Burned the Bridges - Booble Jean 
  (Burning Bridges)
10. Folsom Prison Blues #2 - Don Bowman 
  (Folsom Prison Blues)
11. The Girl's In My Little Boy's Life - Jean Kent 
  (The Boy in My Little Girl's Life)
12. I Know Your Heart's Not Made of Wood - Marie Ann 
  (Wooden Heart)
13. Don't Take Your Cash To Town - Johnny West 
  (Don't Take Your Guns to Town)
14. I've Got To Move Out of This Haunted House - Larry Knox 
  (Haunted House)
15. Yes, I'm Robbin' the Cradle - Cal Staff 
  (Robbin' the Cradle)
16. Mrs. Schwartz, You've Got an Ugly Daughter - Marty & Monks 
  (Mrs Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter)
17. Country Music - Boyd Farrett 
  (Rock & Roll Music)
18. Big Bruce - Steve Greenberg 
  (Big Bad John)
19. Breakin' Up Is Hard on You - American Comedy Network 
  (Breaking Up Is Hard to Do)
20. Sorry Daddy - Sweethearts 
  (Daddy's Home)
21. You Can Knock On My Door - Mary Miller 
  (Gonna Knock on Your Door)
22. You Should Know, I'm Still Your Baby - Sammy Lynn 
  (Take Good Care of My Baby)
23. You Heard Me Knockin' - Billy Adams 
  (I Hear You Knockin')
24. What's Behind the Strange Door - Mitchell Torok
  (Green Door)
25. Molly B. Goode - Bobby Hendricks 
  (Johnny B Goode)
26. Yes, I'm Lonesome Tonight - Page Ricky 
  (Are You Lonesome Tonight)

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