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Silly CD- 8016
US$13.95 or CDN$16.95
Those Rock n Roll Answer Songs Volume 4

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1. Telephone - Stan Boreson & Doug Sotteberg W - Gen Boscacci Trio 
2. Big Bad Wolf - Sham-ettes 
  (Little Red Riding Hood)
3. The Return of the Teenage Queen - Tommy Tucker 
  (Ballad of a Teenage Queen)
4. Ingvold - Jimmy Jensen 
5. I Walk the Line Drunk - Johnny West 
  (I Walk the Line)
6. Why Don't Cha Come Home - Shirley Ray 
  (Detroit City)
7. See You Soon Baboon - Bobby Charles
  (See You Later Alligator)
8. A Hillbilly's Deck of Cards - Simon Crum 
  (Deck of Cards)
9. He'll Have To Stay - Jeanne Black
  (He'll Have to Go)
10. The Man Who Wouldn't Sing Along With Mitch - Halifax Three
  (The Children's Marching Song)
11. Beware of Speedy Gonzales - Belew Twins 
  (Speedy Gonzales)
12. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down & Write Myself a Letter - Hop A Long Wong 
  (I'm Gonna Sit Right Down & Write Myself a Letter)
13. A Girl Named Johnny Cash - Jane Morgan
  (A Boy Named Sue)
14. I'm Sorry I Went - Cannon Sisters 
  (Party Lights)
15. There Was a Fungus Among Us - Hugh Barret & Victors
    (Splish Splash)
16. I Wanna Hold Your Hair - Bagels 
  (I Wanna Hold Your Hand)
17. Tijuana Border - El Clod 
  (Wolverton Mountain)
18. The House of the Setting Sun - Ben Cort 
  (House of the Rising Sun)
19. The Road To Chalamette - Jimmy Drifter 
  (Battle of New Orleans)
20. He's My Guy (Oh No, He's Mine) - Margaret & Carol
  (My Guy)
21. Run To Her - Susie Allanson
  (Run to Him)
22. Big Bruce - Bill Stith 
  (Big Bad John)
23. The Return of Stago Lee - Titus Turner 
  (Stagger Lee)
24. Shoiley Klein - The Lovin' Cousins 
  (Georgie Girl)
25. He'd Better Go - Brumley Punk 
  (He'll Have To Go)
26. El Pizza - Dudley 
  (El Paso)

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