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Silly CD- 8015
US$13.95 or CDN$16.95
Those Rock n Roll Answer Songs Volume 3

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1. The Girl Who Lived Next Door - Dennis Bell 
  (Travellin' Man)
2. Should of Been Home In Bed - Ron Hargrave 
  (Wake Up Little Susie)
3. A Girl Named Sam - Lois Williams 
  (A Boy Named Sue)
4. Tom Dooley Jr. - Merrie Kilgore & 4B's 
  (Tom Dooley)
5. These Boots Are Made for Stomping - Stompers 
  (These Boots Are Made for Walking)
6. Homeless Hotel - Jello Biafra 
  (Heartbreak Hotel)
7. Who - Vinny & Kenny 
8. School Is In - Jessie Cotton 
  (School is Out)
9. You've Got a Brand New Pair of Figure Skates (I'm Gonna Break Your Knees) - Richard Diamond 
  (You've Got a Brand New Pair of Roller Skates)
10. The Other Ringo - Larry Finnegan 
11. The Night Stagger Lee Came To Town - Stag Lee 
  (Stagger Lee)
12. I'm Happy They Took You Away Ha Ha - Josephine XV 
  (They're Coming To Take Me Away Ha Ha)
13. The Ballad of the White Dress Shirt - Wayne Moore 
  (The Ballad of the Green Berets)
14. Come On Back Jack - Nina & Jack 
  (Hit the Road Jack)
15. Son of Old Rivers - Bob & Jack 
  (Old Rivers)
16. Pancho Lopez - Lalo Guerraro 
  (Ballad of Davy Crockett)
17. We Told You Not To Marry - Titus Turner 
  (I'm Gonna Get Married)
18. Where's a Your House - Robert Q. Lewis 
  (Come On A My House)
19. Mr. Tenor Man - Lou Christie 
  (Mr Bass Man)
20. The Return of the All American Boy - Billy Adams 
  (All American Boy)
21. Don't Wanna Twist No More - Gabriel & Angels 
  (The Twist)
22. Tired of Trying - Jean Dushon 
  (Hey Bo Diddley)
23. I'm Just a Lonely Girl - Janis Gee 
  (I'm Just a Lonely Boy)
24. Fluff the Velvet Dragon - Cherryhill Trio 
  (Puff the Magic Dragon)
25. Goodbye My Ding-A-Ling - Robert Bridgeport 
  (My Ding a Ling)
26. Calendar Boy - Stacey Amos 
  (Calendar Girl)

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