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Original Cast CD- 6060 
US$13.95 or CDN$16.95
Neil Sedaka - The Brooklyn Demos 1958-1961

This CD is discontinued and no longer available.
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1. Rattle Rock
2. Wait for Tomorrow
3. Can't Run Away from Love
4. Devil Doll
5. Don't Go Home
6. My Dancin' Baby
7. Quiet in the Bookstore
8. Chatter
9. Ronnie
10. Ginger
11. Who's Got My Girl? [False Start]
12. Who's Got My Girl?
13. Ask for My Heart
14. Never Again
15. Somebody Help
16. Together
17. If You Only Knew
18. Wishing Star
19. You're the One for Me
20. Fairy Tale
21. One Little Girl
22. Rumor
23. Time Machine
24. Dream of Angels
25. Can't Get Enough of You [At Home]
26. Not So
27. Twiddle My Thumbs
28. Can't Get Enough of You
29. I Cry Myself to Sleep
30. Mister Butterfingers
31. World's a Stage
32. Cinderella
33. Pretty Little Mary
34. Connie

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